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There are soDollhouse Lovers many dollhouse lovers who are desperate to build their own dollhouse. Dollhouse designs can be found in several places. But the fact is that so many of dollhouse lovers are looking for plans that cost no money. So, finding a dollhouse plan that is free becomes a little bit difficult.

The Great American Dollhouse Museum is ideal for school and civic groups as well as lovers of dollhouses and miniatures of all ages. There is a small entrance fee and the business is open from Tuesday to Saturday. It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. There is also a gift shop on the premises that stocks a large selection of new, vintage, antique and artisan miniatures along with other traditional museum memorabilia including a variety of postcards and tee shirts. You can also buy books here to learn about the dollhouse and miniatures culture.

Another fun thing for doll lovers? Dollhouse miniatures. Those who own dollhouses tend to love miniatures, which are tiny recreations of everything we regular-sized humans use in day to day life. For example it is possible to get Miniature toilets and bathtubs, even victorian hoover vacuum cleaner. You’ll need those for the bathroom. Come winter, you’ll need miniature Christmas trees, as well as miniature presents. You’ll find tiny beds and dining tables, even rocking horses and fireplaces. Anything that you need for your dollhouse, you’ll find it. These miniatures make for a great gift for the doll lover in your life.

There is a complete dollhouse industry that has taken shape gradually. The dollhouse lovers face no problem in finding a dollhouse of their choice as there are many suppliers that make important dollhouse components and accessories available easily. There are even many dolls house lovers who have made dolls house clubs and share their views on them.

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